Our History

Rockliff is powered by the knowledge and experience of three generations of passionate fishermen. Based on Queensland’s picturesque Sunshine Coast, it is the one of the largest Spanner Crab producer in Australia.

Originally operating as Ceas, Rockliff was started by Neville and Helen Rockliff when they relocated to Queensland from Tasmania, where the Rockliff family is renowned for their seafood and aquaculture ventures.

Rockliff specialises in Australian seafood including prawns, scallops, spanner crab, and long line fish, and are committed to practising sustainable fishing methods to maintain the long-term health of the industry, and our oceans.

The business specialises in premium Spanner Crab meat and brought the product to market as they believed its divine flavour was comparable to the premium sought-after rock lobster.

The Spanner Crab, also known as Ranina Ranine, is most commonly caught in the pristine tropical waters off the Queensland coast. It prefers bare sandy areas, and are usually found buried from where they launch attacks on passing prey such as small bottom dwelling fish.

The Spanner Crab fishery is the first in Australia to be recognised as a sustainable fishery, and Rockliff holds a significant percentage of the quota license, which ensures a more consistent supply and superior product.

Neville and Helen’s four children are now leading the family business, continuing to produce premium-quality Australian seafood in a sustainable way.